What you need to know when insuring your minibus

If you own a minibus or several minibuses, whether used for business or private purposes, then you should know that they are legally required to be insured. Whilst you are legally obliged to insure your minibus, you also want the peace of mind that comes with having your vehicle insured. To ensure you have the correct type of insurance it is a good idea to be fully informed about the different types of cover that exist for minibuses.

You may own a family minibus that you also sometimes use to make a bit of spare money, however if you don’t have public liability cover as part of your insurance then you could be in big trouble, both financially and legally if there were an accident. In this article I’ll look at three of the main types of insurance that are available for minibuses according to the use (you can also find out more at http://www.minibus-insurance.net/) .

Private Cover for Families –

A minibus can be an excellent solution for larger families who don’t find a car to have adequate room. If you have a minibus that is used solely for domestic, non-profit purposes then you have the same options that are available for car insurance. Those are: fully comprehensive, third party or fire and theft.

Whilst fire and theft is the cheapest level of cover, it is not recommended for a family vehicle. As the name suggests it will only cover you if the vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. For a family vehicle it is always recommended to go with a fully comprehensive policy. This way you are covered for almost every risk posed to your vehicle including accidents, breakdowns and criminal acts such as theft and vandalism.

Taxi Insurance –

Most taxi firms will have at least one minibus as part of their fleet of vehicles. This is because there are often larger groups of passengers who require transportation where a regular taxi would not be adequate. Minibuses offer not only a great capacity of passengers but also greater storage space for luggage.

Whilst they are excellent as taxis, minibuses being used for this purpose do require you to have extra provisions such as public liability cover. This is required by law if you are transporting members of the public for financial gain.

Fleet Insurance –

This can tie into taxi insurance as often taxi firms will have more than one minibus that can be classed as a fleet. If this is the case then a fleet policy can be an excellent way to save time, money and paperwork when insuring your minibuses. With fleet insurance all your minibuses are covered in one policy rather than having individual policies.

Most large insurance companies will offer fleet insurance for minibuses. If you have several different types of vehicles and would like to insure them along with your minibuses then this isn’t a problem. Most fleet policies allow for different types of vehicles to be included.

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