Things to remember when looking for empty house insurance quotes

If you own a property, which is left vacant for 30 days or more on a regular basis, then make sure that you have empty house insurance in place. This will mean your property is protected against things like fire, flood damage or vandalism even when you or users of the home are not there.

Ensuring you have the correct level of empty house insurance is important too as you need to take into account the rebuilding costs of the property and any outbuildings that are associated with that dwelling.

You can also get contents insurance when purchasing empty home insurance policies to protect the many contents that are left in properties when they are vacated for long periods of time. Homes can be left empty with possessions still in them for reasons including:

  • The property is a holiday home, which is used infrequently
  • The property is awaiting probate
  • The property is being marketed for sale

Many policies could also include property owner’s liability insurance, which protects the owner against any claims from a third party for damage to them as an individual or to their property.

Why is empty house insurance so important?

Regular home insurance policies are available online and will provide cover for properties in case they suffer damage from fire, floods, vandalism and theft. Many of these house insurance policies might not provide cover for a home that is left empty for more than 30 continuous days however. Therefore, if you try to make a claim the traditional home insurance cover could have become invalid.

There are specialist insurers on the market who can offer you a quote online for empty house insurance that is tailor made for you. This can be on a temporary basis and is generally available for between 3 and 12 months. This flexibility allows customers to choose a policy that will best suit their needs and circumstances.

When is empty house insurance available?

You can purchase empty house insurance when a property is vacant on a regular basis for 30 days or more, if for example you rent it out as a holiday let. Other reasons a property might be unoccupied includes:

  • The property is being redecorated
  • The property is being marketed for sale
  • A renovation is taking place

If your property is being renovated, there could be exclusions if significant repairs are being carried out or an extension is being built. This is something you can check when comparing the quotes from specialist online insurers.

What are the different types of empty home insurance available?

  • Unoccupied property insurance
  • Empty house insurance
  • Empty property insurance
  • Unoccupied home insurance
  • Unoccupied house insurance


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