Shop insurance can help protect you against the ‘distraction burglary’

A recent case of shop theft in Lancashire has highlighted the need to be aware of so-called ‘distraction burglary’ and to make sure you have the right shop insurance.

Three women recently committed a robbery at a shop in Great Harwood using distraction techniques.  This is a common type of theft and our guide looks at what ‘distraction burglary’ is, examines this recent case and underlines how important it is that you have the right shop insurance.

What is a ‘distraction burglary’?

Distraction burglary is defined as being: ‘Any crime where a falsehood, trick or distraction is used to gain, or try to gain, access to the premises in order to commit burglary’.

It is often used on people at home – for example someone will pretend to be someone else to gain access to a property – but it can also be used in shops.  Victims tend to find that they have had money and/or valuables stolen and in many cases will only realise that they have been victims some time after the offence has actually been committed.

A recent case

Police are looking to speak to three women in Lancashire after a Great Harwood shopkeeper was distracted and property, including a laptop computer, was stolen.   One woman began speaking to the owner of the shop who was inside carrying out some refurbishment work.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that ‘while the owner was distracted, it is believed the other two women took a number of items of clothing and the laptop and put them into large handbags before leaving the store.’

Police have released images of the woman and are looking for members of the public to come forward with information.  PC Lee Richardson said: “If anyone saw anything suspicious in or around the area on the day or has any other information they think could assist, then I would ask them to contact us.”

Shop insurance can protect you against burglary

If you want to ensure you are not out of pocket in the event of a theft from your shop, it is vital that you get the right shop insurance.  Most shop insurance policies will protect you against the theft of goods or cash from your premises, and theft is often covered as standard.

When you take out your cover, you should check whether you have to have any security measures in place as a condition of your insurance.  If you don’t take these measures, your claim may not be paid.

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