Who sells Fisher fixings?

Fischer fixings are high quality fixings that are used in a variety of different applications:

  1.   these types of fittings may come in numerous different technical configurations including chemical solutions and conventional steel etc;
  2.   Fischer have a huge portfolio that includes not only fixings but also fire retardation solutions and of course, in those areas there may be yet again another specialised range of fixings;
  3.   as with any type of anchor or fitting, it is imperative that you thoroughly analyse your requirements and identify the best match, in anchor and fixings terms, for your individual situation;
  4.   remember that if you use incorrect anchors, you may find that your fixing simply doesn’t hold and that may have a range of effects anywhere on a spectrum from inconvenient to potentially catastrophic and even dangerous;
  5.   it may be advisable to recognise your own limitations.  If you do not understand what is meant by (or the relationship between) things such as substrate, sheer and tensile forces or safe loading factors, then you may need to face the reality that you will probably require specialist advice and guidance before making your selection of an appropriate anchor;
  6.   this directly links into the question relating to Fischer products. If you locate an authorised Fischer fixings agent, you may find you are able to obtain specialist advice not only on this particular product range but on the subject matter overall;
  7.   you may wish to be cautious about seeking advice and guidance in generalist DIY merchants.   Although they may be friendly and very well-intentioned, their specific expertise in the discipline may be limited and this is not an area where guesswork is advisable when selecting products;
  8.   selecting an appropriate anchor requires that you understand fully your own environment both in terms of the as-is position and the to-be. The as-is relates to things such as the nature and quality of the substrate you’ll be fixing to. The to-be relates to what exactly you plan to fix into it and how it will be used. That includes things such as understanding just how much weight is going to be placed on individual anchors etc.  If you don’t know these things, it might be difficult for any expert to offer you useful purchasing advice!

Fischer products may help make a difficult job that bit easier and also allow you more success with the final product of your labours.

Match the products to an expert supplier and you may have the ideal solution!

Renting out your home this summer?

Many people are renting out their homes this summer to make some money from the Olympic Games in London. If you are thinking about doing this it’s essential to buy landlord insurance cover to protect your home and your personal belongings as accidents can and do happen. Visitors to London may prefer staying in a comfortable home rather than an expensive hotel when enjoying the Olympic Games, many are getting in touch with estate agents to see what’s available. Most home owners do have domestic home insurance however if deciding to let their property during the Games they will need to buy property insurance of one kind or another or even take out additional cover.

What does landlord insurance cover cost?

Any kind of insurance is necessary to protect your home or property if you are a buy to let owner, don’t plump for the cheapest policy as it sometimes doesn’t cover everything. Get help from the experts who advertise their services via the internet, online brokers can assist you find landlord insurance cover at affordable prices to suit your particular budget and a policy that will protect you against:-

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Theft
  • Accidental or malicious damage within the property
  • Employer’s liability
  • Public liability

Make enquiries soon to put your mind at ease if you are renting out your home this summer.

Read some of the testimonials

Many people who have bought landlord insurance cover from online brokers have left testimonials on websites with comments such as the site was easy to navigate, they saved a fortune, the staff were very understanding and helpful and much more. Clients felt completing a landlord insurance quote form was quite straightforward and were delighted that a tailor-made quotation was received very quickly with instant cover being available too.

The reasons landlord insurance cover is necessary

Landlords are in the property business to make money therefore it’s very important to know that ordinary home insurance will not be adequate enough for let property. If a tenant was to leave without paying their rent or trashed your property you would have to foot the bill, however buying landlord insurance cover means the insurance company will provide you with sufficient protection should you need to replace items or repair any structural damage that has been caused. Why not buy public liability landlord insurance too which protects you against claims that third parties may make if they were injured for instance by a tile falling off your roof?


Buy great insurance products online for your fleet

Running any type of company often comes with many headaches and worries, if you own or manage a commercial fleet organisation it’s imperative to buy sufficient insurance to cover not only the vehicles but the drivers and goods or passengers that you transport from one place to another. Thankfully there are great insurance products you can purchase online from reputable brokers who offer fantastic deals on many insurance products. Check out their websites for further information and prices of policies, you’ll be quite amazed at how affordable commercial fleet insurance cover is.

Let the experts do all the hard work

For those people who lead hectic working lives and really don’t have the spare time to find the best insurance policies for their fleets of vehicles, let the experts do the hard work for you. They can find affordable insurances for:-

  • Car fleets
  • Company fleets
  • Lorry fleets
  • Multi vehicle fleets
  • Taxi fleets
  • Van fleets

This allows you to carry on with your business without having to think about which type of commercial fleet insurance cover will be best for your company along with knowing that reliable insurance brokers only offer premium policies for their clients.

Ask for a quote

If you need to purchase commercial fleet insurance cover the first step is to ask for a quotation, this can be done by telephone or by completing an online application form. Once you’ve done this an insurance team member will get in touch with you by return with more details and instant cover using their database of well-known UK insurers. There’s no obligation to take up the offer but a quote will give you a good idea of just how inexpensive commercial fleet insurance cover really is.

Shop around and save money

Comparing prices of commercial fleet insurance cover online and shopping around can save you quite a lot of money, it’s often also worth keeping optional extras to a minimum or paying annually instead of monthly. Get the right protection for your business no matter what its size or the number of people are employed, it’s better to be safe than sorry should an accident occur, employees are injured, goods are stolen or passengers sustain injuries. Some of the most common insurance products on offer are:-

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance
  2. Employer’s Liability Insurance
  3. Public Liability Insurance

Make contact today to find out more!


Top tips on buying gadget insurance

More than at any other time, nowadays might be aptly described as the age of the gadget – most of us are likely to have a whole range of them: from smart phones, to laptops, netbooks or ipads, to cameras, MP3 players and a host of others.

That’s all very well, of course, but we may also come to depend on our gadgets to the extent that a normal life is all but impossible without them. Fortunately, therefore, you may find it an easy and straight forward matter to arrange affordable gadget insurance for one or more of your essential devices. Typical packages cover:

  • theft – the very convenience and portability of practically all of our gadgets unfortunately makes them an obvious target for the opportunistic thief;
  • accidental damage – increasingly robust they may be, but accidents can, and do, happen, when they are dropped, trodden upon or, perhaps have your drink spilled over them (some insurers, but not all, may extend cover to such spillages, so it may be as well to check);
  • loss – simply losing your portable device might be one of the most common causes for concern, but clearly the circumstances may vary pretty widely. Largely for that reason, many insurers include loss as a risk which may be insured as an additional, optional extra, for which you might expect to pay an additional premium (though weighed against the alternative cost of needing to replace the gadget altogether, a cost you might consider to be entirely reasonable);
  • breakdown – practically any of the gadgets you buy, of course, are likely to come with their own manufacturer’s warranty. Unless you have insurance which also covers breakdowns, however, you might be facing an expensive repair bill if one occurs outside of the (typically quite limited) period of the maker’s guarantee;
  • global cover – the handy portability and everyday use of many of our gadgets means that we take them whenever we are on the move, wherever we happen to be going. A number of insurers, therefore, extend the terms of your insurance cover to anywhere in the world;
  • fast – the generally competitive nature of practically the whole of the insurance market means that insurers fight hard to deliver the most attractive and appealing terms. You may find some, for example, that promise to repair or replace your damaged, lost of stolen gadget within just 48 hours of your reporting the incident as part of a successful claim;
  • discounts – to make it even easier to insure as many of your gadgets as you choose, some insurers offer attractive discounts when you insure more than one device with them.

I an age when the gadgets we use have become an integral part of everyday life, you may consider it a wise move to insure those gadgets you are unable to do without.

Get fit in Tunbridge Wells!

If you live in or near Tunbridge Wells and fancy going to a gym to tone your body get in touch with a professional personal trainer who provides a huge range of facilities such as:-

  • A sprinting track
  • Kettlebell lifting training
  • Tred sled
  • Advice on nutrition
  • Free weights

It’s very important to use only the best personal trainers who have years of experience in this particular field as they know only too well if weights are lifted incorrectly they can cause damage to an individual. Choose a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells that has been recommended by many previous clients who have left testimonials and positive comments on websites.

Training in groups

People are often a little wary of going to a gym on their own, however personal trainers are more than willing to train groups of friends or colleagues in one session. This makes the entire process very enjoyable as people are prone to encourage each other when the going gets tough and there’s always an element of competitiveness too. Another good reason to use a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells for a group of people is that prices are reduced per person, so make contact soon by e-mail or telephone to receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle. Answering personal questions will give the trainer an idea of the life you lead and be able to provide a regime of exercises pertinent to you.

Do you live outside the area of Tunbridge Wells?

There’s no problem if you live outside Tunbridge Wells, personal trainers can design a monthly training plan for you on a monthly basis and will keep in touch with you online to see how you’re getting on. Alternatively a personal trainer can come to your home bringing weight bands and kettlebells to start your training off, if you have any queries or questions just ask, don’t be left in the dark. When training either in the comfort of your own home or with a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells you can expect:-

  1. To be set realistic goals
  2. A full consultation before commencing exercises
  3. A training plan that is structured to the type of life you lead
  4. Great results over a particular timescale

Don’t worry that personal training may be too much for you, experienced trainers set programmes well within your capabilities at all times.

Use only the best online recruitment agencies

When looking for any type of job, recruitment agencies are the best way forward, if you’re a teacher searching for a post in a school in the area of Kent click here on a fantastic website that can provide you with the job of your dreams. Consultants will arrange to meet you and match you up with an appropriate school whether it’s a primary or secondary establishment. Likewise schools can also make contact with professional recruitment agencies in the area of Kent including the London Boroughs of:-

  • Bromley
  • Dartford
  • Medway
  • Maidstone
  • Bexley

Teacher jobs in Kent are plentiful so you won’t have any problems finding work once you register with a recruitment agency that has many years of experience in finding jobs for teaching staff as well as providing schools with first-class teachers.

Information for teachers

Check out the information for teachers online or click here to read how a recruitment agency can help you once you’ve registered with them. Education recruitment agencies will match you to any assignment, rest assured regular work is on offer with excellent rates of pay, you also have the opportunity to learn more about the school you’ve been assigned to, there’s always ongoing support too and guidance from a team of experienced advisers. Potential teachers also have work flexibility if they wish to be employed:-

  1. One day a week
  2. Five days a week
  3. As a supply teacher
  4. Long term in a school
  5. On a permanent basis

Frequently asked questions for schools

For schools wishing to use recruitment agencies to find professional teachers there’s a useful question and answer section on their website. If you’re wondering what kind of checks are carried out on teachers, how to make contact with the agency, are support staff supplied, can teaching staff be found at short notice and many other questions just click here on the relevant section to find the answers.

If you want to advertise a teaching vacancy there’s a special form to complete online, fill in the name of your school, address and postcode, contact name and telephone number along with your e-mail address. Once this is completed, you will be contacted with a list of suitable applicants that the recruitment agency has on their database, all you then have to do is arrange an interview date to meet the candidate in person who may become part of your teaching team.


Check out training courses for management

If you think your staff could benefit from management training get in touch with a company that advertises its services via the internet. Specialists can organise training at their own premises or at a venue to suit you, whichever is preferable. There’s plenty of local accommodation near the centre, well priced and perfect for those taking part in these courses to help them relax and recharge their batteries ready for the day ahead.

All types of companies and people are catered for including:-

  • International blue chip businesses
  • Small outlets
  • Private individuals

The programmes on offer are extremely popular and range from effective leadership, improving performance, communication, team building, strategic and analytical thinking along with time management and training on finance. Your own style of management training can be created with the help of consultants who have many years of experience behind them in this particular field, so make contact soon to discuss your requirements.

Read more about management training

There’s so much information to read about regarding management training and what it entails including what it achieves. Many workers get stressed so it’s a good idea to send them on a stress and performance course where they can learn how to control emotions, their working day and become stress-free. Workshops and bespoke training can be easily organised once you’ve submitted your name, e-mail address, telephone number, delegate number and which sector your company belongs to, for example:-

  • Business
  • Sport
  • Retail
  • Education

Take some time out to also read how tiredness, anxiety and anger can affect your employees’ working days, some may lose their confidence and self-esteem however these problems can be overcome if they take part in management training. An assessment form has to be completed by individuals then a report is produced that provides advice on how to deal with any problems they may be experiencing. Groups of participants may find the management training programme easier when they realise there are other people feeling the same as themselves.

Affordable prices

Costs to take part in management training programmes are very reasonable, the courses can be spaced out over a year making it a viable proposition, when the training is finished health and well-being advice is given as well as performance tips. This will help participants to improve the way they feel enabling them to regard work as a pleasurable and not a stressful experience.


Lorry Insurance Considerations When Looking Online

Lorry InsuranceA Lorry Insurance policy is a bit of an umbrella title for what is essential a complete taylor made package comprising many different elements. Depending on the type of transport business you run not all elements will apply to you.  Most insurance companies are fantastic at helping each individual get the best policy to meet their needs.  However there are exceptions to the rule so shopping around or using a third party to hunt out the best quote for you maybe the best solution.  At the end of the day you need to understand what you are being quoted for and whether it truly covers the risks of the business.

It is common practise to get more than one quote, allowing you to see if you are getting the best for your money, therefore you need to understand your policy to see whether you are getting a great deal.  One quote that comes out substantially lower than others suggests the company have misunderstood your needs or are not offering such a comprehensive cover – so check thoroughly before any commitment is made.

All insurance companies that offer truck insurance are going to be unwritten and regulated, and whether you purchase your insurance directly from one of these companies or through a broker, you still have the standard financial products cooling off period should you feel you have made a bad decision.

The cooling off period gives you 14 days to change you mind.  This period allows for things like full documentation not being available there and then.  If you receive your policy documents 5 days after you arranged the insurance you still have time to correct any issues – and should the need arise cancel the policy and start again.

Check through the documentation and make sure you have appropriate cover for all elements of the business.  Are you convinced you have fully protected the value of the goods you transport.  Can you see that part of the cover in the policy details.  Never worry about getting back to the broker or the insurance company and getting them to clarify things and tell you where to find the written information.

If premiums seem high there are a couple of tricks to bring them down a little – you can offer a higher policy excess for example.  Just make sure you really can afford to pay it, should the worst happen and you need to claim.  Have you remembered to include your no claims discount as this too can impact positively on lowering premiums.

If you find that you have ended up with a policy that doesn’t meet your needs, and are not happy with any changes proposed by the insurance company then exercise the right to cancel under the cooling off period.  To comply with this you must inform them in writing, By all means inform them by telephone, and provided you can prove that the letter to cancel was posted during the 14 day period they must accept it no matter when they actually receive it.