Insuring a Fleet of Vehicles

If you run a business that makes use of multiple vehicles then you’ll certainly need to ensure that you have the right cover.

Although you can get individual policies for your vehicles, it’s often a better idea to insure them together as a fleet, particularly if you have a large number of them.

Below is a guide to fleet insurance, including the types of cover you can get and how to save money when taking out cover.

Types of cover

  • Third party – Third party insurance will provide enough protection to make your vehicles road legal. It is the cheapest type of cover you can get since it will not provide any cover for your vehicles that one of your drivers is responsible for.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy will provide cover for your vehicles for collisions where one of your drivers is to blame.
  • Goods in transit – Goods in transit insurance is a good idea if your vehicles are used for transporting goods. It will protect the contents of your vehicles for theft and damage; or spoiling in the case of transporting refrigerated goods.
  • Liability cover – Liability claims are something you must be prepared for when you have a fleet. In addition to getting cover for payouts, you can also get protection that covers legal expenses.
  • Breakdown assistance – If one of your drivers were to break down then you want to know that they’d be back on the road as quickly as possible. You can get breakdown cover included in your policy with most providers.

Ways to save money on fleet insurance

  • Pay upfront – One very reliable you can save money on fleet insurance is by paying for the policy annually rather than monthly. The majority of insurance providers will offer you a good discount when you do.
  • Hire good drivers – Another way to save money on fleet insurance is by hiring good drivers with a clean record. This is always something that insurance providers will take into account.
  • Get a lot of quotes – A very obvious way to save money on fleet insurance is by getting as many quotes as you can.
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