How to Protect Your Empty Property

Property is usually very expensive so most people will choose to insure any property they own to protect themselves from risk. The most common risks to property come from things such as structural damage, theft and vandalism. How high these risks are will vary depending on different factors but one thing that’s sure is that when a property is left unoccupied, the risks that are posed to it increase greatly. In this article you’ll learn who needs to get unoccupied property insurance as well as the best way to get quotes and save money.

Why Empty Property Insurance?

There are two main groups of people who will take out empty insurance. The first are homeowners. You may find at some point that you have to leave your home for an extended period of time. This could be because you’re taking a long holiday, having your home renovated or an extension added to your home. Most home insurance policies will cover your home whilst unoccupied for up to 30 days but if you are going to leave your home unoccupied for any longer than that then you’ll almost certainly need to take out extra cover. Some homeowners will hire a house sitter to look after their home whilst they’re away from it but this can often prove to be costly and impractical.

The second group of people who get unoccupied property insurance are landlords. When letting property it’s inevitable that at times certain property will be unoccupied. This means that the risks posed are greatly increased. A lot of landlords choose to have empty property cover included in their landlord policy as the chances of having unoccupied property are greater than if you are a homeowner. Empty apartments are often the target of thieves so it’s vital for landlords to have them properly protected.

If you are in need of empty property insurance then it’s important to be clear on what you‘re getting. Most empty property insurance policies will include protection for your contents and the property itself. It’s important to find out from the insurance provider exactly how much cover you have for your contents. It’s a good idea to take pictures of your most valuable contents when you take a policy. This makes the claims process go much smoother as you’re able to prove to the insurance provider that you own such contents.

Finding Quotes

Finding quotes for empty property insurance is relatively simple. By using the internet you’ll be able to find many insurance providers who offer empty property insurance. It’s recommended to use a provider that specializes in property insurance as often you’ll find they offer better prices. You should aim to get multiple quotes as this allows you to compare them and make a more informed decision. An excellent site which allows you to get multiple quotes from one place is

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