Train with an expert

Feeling tired, overweight and unhappy with how you look then check out for inspiration and expert advice. Adam can help you achieve your fitness levels and lose weight with his professional training techniques and equipment such as:-

• kettlebells

• tred sleds

• free weights

• sprinting track

To get the best results, using the services of a personal trainer is the answer.  It doesn’t matter whether you wish to lose weight or get the body you’ve always dreamed of, a personal trainer can provide all the necessary encouragement, motivation and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Structured training plans

No matter what your level of fitness is, a personal trainer’s job is to get you to your desired level of well-being. With this in mind personal training experts offer their clients structured training plans aimed at their lifestyle while regularly monitoring progress to ensure they are successful.  If you live in the Tunbridge Wells area you’re in luck, why not call in to see Adam Wilson for a free one-to-one fitness consultation as well as having the opportunity to look around his training facilities.

Take a friend along

If you’re not sure about personal training take a friend along for moral support and encouragement.  Many people prefer to train in small groups which is great fun as well as being cheaper per session.  An alternative to this is to arrange for a trainer to visit your home and create a training programme based on the equipment you have available, how about that for service?

There’s plenty of online advice too concerning the methods and services personal trainers use for their clients including many positive online testimonials from people who are more than happy with:-

  1. training sessions
  2. exercise equipment
  3. personal trainers’ services
  4. prices

Rest assured experienced trainers have all the necessary qualifications to provide their clients with a first class service.  By making enquiries online and completing a short message to receive an action packed training newsletter you’ll also benefit from a seven day fitness plan absolutely free of charge, ideal to get you started.  Exercising is hard work however the results will make it worthwhile.  Maybe you want to get fit so you look good and feel good for your holidays or you have a wedding to look forward to, whatever the reason a personal trainer will help you achieve success.

Get fit in Tunbridge Wells!

If you live in or near Tunbridge Wells and fancy going to a gym to tone your body get in touch with a professional personal trainer who provides a huge range of facilities such as:-

  • A sprinting track
  • Kettlebell lifting training
  • Tred sled
  • Advice on nutrition
  • Free weights

It’s very important to use only the best personal trainers who have years of experience in this particular field as they know only too well if weights are lifted incorrectly they can cause damage to an individual. Choose a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells that has been recommended by many previous clients who have left testimonials and positive comments on websites.

Training in groups

People are often a little wary of going to a gym on their own, however personal trainers are more than willing to train groups of friends or colleagues in one session. This makes the entire process very enjoyable as people are prone to encourage each other when the going gets tough and there’s always an element of competitiveness too. Another good reason to use a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells for a group of people is that prices are reduced per person, so make contact soon by e-mail or telephone to receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle. Answering personal questions will give the trainer an idea of the life you lead and be able to provide a regime of exercises pertinent to you.

Do you live outside the area of Tunbridge Wells?

There’s no problem if you live outside Tunbridge Wells, personal trainers can design a monthly training plan for you on a monthly basis and will keep in touch with you online to see how you’re getting on. Alternatively a personal trainer can come to your home bringing weight bands and kettlebells to start your training off, if you have any queries or questions just ask, don’t be left in the dark. When training either in the comfort of your own home or with a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells you can expect:-

  1. To be set realistic goals
  2. A full consultation before commencing exercises
  3. A training plan that is structured to the type of life you lead
  4. Great results over a particular timescale

Don’t worry that personal training may be too much for you, experienced trainers set programmes well within your capabilities at all times.