Top tips on buying gadget insurance

More than at any other time, nowadays might be aptly described as the age of the gadget – most of us are likely to have a whole range of them: from smart phones, to laptops, netbooks or ipads, to cameras, MP3 players and a host of others.

That’s all very well, of course, but we may also come to depend on our gadgets to the extent that a normal life is all but impossible without them. Fortunately, therefore, you may find it an easy and straight forward matter to arrange affordable gadget insurance for one or more of your essential devices. Typical packages cover:

  • theft – the very convenience and portability of practically all of our gadgets unfortunately makes them an obvious target for the opportunistic thief;
  • accidental damage – increasingly robust they may be, but accidents can, and do, happen, when they are dropped, trodden upon or, perhaps have your drink spilled over them (some insurers, but not all, may extend cover to such spillages, so it may be as well to check);
  • loss – simply losing your portable device might be one of the most common causes for concern, but clearly the circumstances may vary pretty widely. Largely for that reason, many insurers include loss as a risk which may be insured as an additional, optional extra, for which you might expect to pay an additional premium (though weighed against the alternative cost of needing to replace the gadget altogether, a cost you might consider to be entirely reasonable);
  • breakdown – practically any of the gadgets you buy, of course, are likely to come with their own manufacturer’s warranty. Unless you have insurance which also covers breakdowns, however, you might be facing an expensive repair bill if one occurs outside of the (typically quite limited) period of the maker’s guarantee;
  • global cover – the handy portability and everyday use of many of our gadgets means that we take them whenever we are on the move, wherever we happen to be going. A number of insurers, therefore, extend the terms of your insurance cover to anywhere in the world;
  • fast – the generally competitive nature of practically the whole of the insurance market means that insurers fight hard to deliver the most attractive and appealing terms. You may find some, for example, that promise to repair or replace your damaged, lost of stolen gadget within just 48 hours of your reporting the incident as part of a successful claim;
  • discounts – to make it even easier to insure as many of your gadgets as you choose, some insurers offer attractive discounts when you insure more than one device with them.

I an age when the gadgets we use have become an integral part of everyday life, you may consider it a wise move to insure those gadgets you are unable to do without.