Who sells Fisher fixings?

Fischer fixings are high quality fixings that are used in a variety of different applications:

  1.   these types of fittings may come in numerous different technical configurations including chemical solutions and conventional steel etc;
  2.   Fischer have a huge portfolio that includes not only fixings but also fire retardation solutions and of course, in those areas there may be yet again another specialised range of fixings;
  3.   as with any type of anchor or fitting, it is imperative that you thoroughly analyse your requirements and identify the best match, in anchor and fixings terms, for your individual situation;
  4.   remember that if you use incorrect anchors, you may find that your fixing simply doesn’t hold and that may have a range of effects anywhere on a spectrum from inconvenient to potentially catastrophic and even dangerous;
  5.   it may be advisable to recognise your own limitations.  If you do not understand what is meant by (or the relationship between) things such as substrate, sheer and tensile forces or safe loading factors, then you may need to face the reality that you will probably require specialist advice and guidance before making your selection of an appropriate anchor;
  6.   this directly links into the question relating to Fischer products. If you locate an authorised Fischer fixings agent, you may find you are able to obtain specialist advice not only on this particular product range but on the subject matter overall;
  7.   you may wish to be cautious about seeking advice and guidance in generalist DIY merchants.   Although they may be friendly and very well-intentioned, their specific expertise in the discipline may be limited and this is not an area where guesswork is advisable when selecting products;
  8.   selecting an appropriate anchor requires that you understand fully your own environment both in terms of the as-is position and the to-be. The as-is relates to things such as the nature and quality of the substrate you’ll be fixing to. The to-be relates to what exactly you plan to fix into it and how it will be used. That includes things such as understanding just how much weight is going to be placed on individual anchors etc.  If you don’t know these things, it might be difficult for any expert to offer you useful purchasing advice!

Fischer products may help make a difficult job that bit easier and also allow you more success with the final product of your labours.

Match the products to an expert supplier and you may have the ideal solution!

Renting out your home this summer?

Many people are renting out their homes this summer to make some money from the Olympic Games in London. If you are thinking about doing this it’s essential to buy landlord insurance cover to protect your home and your personal belongings as accidents can and do happen. Visitors to London may prefer staying in a comfortable home rather than an expensive hotel when enjoying the Olympic Games, many are getting in touch with estate agents to see what’s available. Most home owners do have domestic home insurance however if deciding to let their property during the Games they will need to buy property insurance of one kind or another or even take out additional cover.

What does landlord insurance cover cost?

Any kind of insurance is necessary to protect your home or property if you are a buy to let owner, don’t plump for the cheapest policy as it sometimes doesn’t cover everything. Get help from the experts who advertise their services via the internet, online brokers can assist you find landlord insurance cover at affordable prices to suit your particular budget and a policy that will protect you against:-

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Theft
  • Accidental or malicious damage within the property
  • Employer’s liability
  • Public liability

Make enquiries soon to put your mind at ease if you are renting out your home this summer.

Read some of the testimonials

Many people who have bought landlord insurance cover from online brokers have left testimonials on websites with comments such as the site was easy to navigate, they saved a fortune, the staff were very understanding and helpful and much more. Clients felt completing a landlord insurance quote form was quite straightforward and were delighted that a tailor-made quotation was received very quickly with instant cover being available too.

The reasons landlord insurance cover is necessary

Landlords are in the property business to make money therefore it’s very important to know that ordinary home insurance will not be adequate enough for let property. If a tenant was to leave without paying their rent or trashed your property you would have to foot the bill, however buying landlord insurance cover means the insurance company will provide you with sufficient protection should you need to replace items or repair any structural damage that has been caused. Why not buy public liability landlord insurance too which protects you against claims that third parties may make if they were injured for instance by a tile falling off your roof?